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Kind Words From Our Customers

" I had just finished landscaping my front yard and my sewer backed up. It was determined that roots caused the backup and the sewer line needed replacement. I noticed the 'No Digging' ad in the yellow pages. After investigating other companies I decided to go with the Drain Master's pipe replacement method and was very impressed with the completion of the work. There was very little disturbance to my new landscaping. I'd recommend them to anyone!"

Mrs. L. Thomas, Seattle Washington


" I was so impressed with their techniques because they were able to save my rose garden when they replaced my sewer line."

Mr. D. Craig Bellingham


Dear Mr. Robinson,

Just a quick to note commending the work done by your crew. They were  efficient, cleaned up well, and on top of that we now have high  pressure water coming into the house. The disruption to our property was minimal with this trenchless method, and can't imagine why anyone wouldn't use this method for all water line replacements.

Bruce Shaw,  Bellingham Washington


" My wife and I finally bought our dream home... a rustic seaside three-level cottage on a hill looking down to the beach. The property was situated below road level and we discovered when some especially heavy rains came that the drainage for the yard run off was not functioning nearly well enough.

We were faced with an enormous expense and massive damage to our landscaping at the prospect of digging up and replacing the line... especially as most of it was on a downhill grade to the beach with little maneuvering room for the equipment that was going to be needed.

The job also promised to be a long term disruption due to the unique yard conditions plus removing our outdoor hot tub and cutting out some patio/sidewalk concrete. Fortunately we learned through friends that there was another way to do this project.

The crew that arrived from Drain Master had the job done in an amazingly short time and we could not believe the difference in cost to the original quote we received. Most of all we were not faced with the visible damage that would have taken much of the aesthetic pleasure from our property."

Mr. P. Jacobsen, Seattle Washington


“Mike did some plumbing work at our house, last fall and it was a unique experience. I once heard Mike say that he and his crew 'clean up after themselves' when they finish their work. We decided that sounded too good to be true so we hired him. It is all true. This company has leading edge technology combined with absolute, solution-focused talent. We have a big old house. Seems like it is always something. We highly recommend their work. “
Take care,
Jessica L.

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